Corporation Tax Recovery

Every business has paid too much Corporation Tax since 2018 for one simple reason.

The overpaid tax is what we can help recover for your business.

It can be as much as all of the tax paid in the last two years.

 Why am I entitled to reclaim Corporation Tax? 

Every business only pays Corporation Tax on the profit it makes – we all know that.

The calculation of those profits has been inaccurate since 2018 because the effects of specific issues on profit calculations were not then understood.

The result is that your business will have paid more tax than it should have done – that is why your business is now entitled to recover that overpayment.

If one of your customers overpaid you, you would refund them without question, wouldn’t you?

 How do I claim a Corporation Tax rebate? 

We follow a simple, fully supported and proven process for making a claim. We walk you through every step and submit the claim on your behalf.

All you have to do is give us twenty minutes to answer straightforward questions about your business, supply details of Corporation Tax paid and appoint us - we’ll take care of the rest.

Our clients can expect to receive a cheque within 6-8 weeks from submitting a claim under normal circumstances.

 What will it cost me to claim a Corporation Tax rebate? 

We don’t charge any fees up front and operate on a success fee only basis.

When we are successful in making a claim on your behalf, we will deduct 20% plus VAT of the total rebate and issue our invoice accordingly for accounting purposes.

Why haven’t I heard about these Corporation Tax rebates before?

The reason is because the specific basis is relatively new, although it follows standard accounting procedures that are internationally accepted and have been in place for decades. Yet few have the joined up legal, accounting, tax, finance and practical experience needed to work it out. We do.

This is currently one of the best kept secrets in business, simply because other firms don’t have access to this level of expertise.

The process is very similar in nature to R&D tax credits, which we’re sure you’ll have heard of. In fact, it can also help increase R&D claims going back two years - and the last such claim we did tripled in value as a result of our work to over £130,000.

Currently we are the only firm in the UK providing this service.

 Can I ever be asked to repay my rebate? 

This is a standard process based on international accounting standards, so unless you have given us the wrong information the answer will be no.

You can use the rebate for any purpose you wish, to pay off debt, buy land or other assets, strengthen your compliance processes or just keep it in the bank.

 How do I find out more about Corporation Tax rebates? 

Download our full business briefing to find out how it works in detail, or get in touch to talk it through with an expert who can advise you on what you could be entitled to claim and answer any questions you might have.

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